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Final Thoughts

If I’m pulling one thing away from this class, it is the importance of shortcuts. They save so much time, and just make the project go that much quicker. I’ve also learned you can learn a lot about something by just randomly pushing buttons. Maybe not the best lesson, but when I forgot how to do something in InDesign, through randomly click buttons, and googling, I got past any problem I was having.


Posts and Pages in WordPress

I’ve used WordPress before, so I already knew how to make a new page or blog post. I did not know how to set a subpage or how to organize the pages. Also I’m having some trouble with two home pages, but I’m sure the professor will help me work it out. Adding subpages to Class Projects wasn’t difficult once I got the hang of it.

We learned some new WordPress terms as well, exploring the differences between posts and pages and the front end versus the back end (Dashboard). I’m sure there will be more terms to follow.